Professional References

Mr. Kurt Huseman
U.S. based Multinational Firm
Lincoln, Nebraska USA
Mr. Samuel McGarey
Vice President-Asia Pacific
U.S. based Multinational Firm
Denver, Colorado USA
Mr. Fathi Bakkoush
Professor of Graphic Design
GD Graduate Students Advisor
Savannah College of Art & Design
Savannah, Georgia USA
Mr. Michael Wan
Hong Kong Consulting Firm
Hong Kong

Feedback from Clients

Mr. Kurt Huseman - U.S. based Multinational Firm

“Without hesitation, I recommend that your firm consider using Miss Emma Luo for your translation and interpretation needs. We have used Emma on numerous assignments from translating memos, emails and contracts to being our interpreter in business meetings. In all cases she is very competent, very professional and supportive of our objectives. Our clients are very impressed with her abilities and her personality. In addition, Emma has been a real asset to our team by providing insight to various differences in business culture, customs and practices. This insight has been very valuable in establishing lasting relationships with our clients.”

Mr. Samuel McGarey – U.S. based Multinational Firm

“I have been working and living in China for quite some time now. I have used and experienced many different translators. Unfortunately, many either were not sufficient translators or lacked the professionalism for the occasion. Emma is an exception to these experiences. She is as professional as you will find. Her translations were always punctual and perfect. She also presents herself very well. I would recommend her to any one of my colleagues and clients.”

Mr. Fathi Bakkoush – Savannah College of Art & Design

“I have known Miss Emma Luo for about 3 years now, and find her to be super professional, informative, and dedicated to her profession. She was a big help in Shenzhen, and in Hong Kong. I was impressed with her efficiency and professionalism, and her organization skills. She’s fluent in English and very familiar with the western culture-which makes the communication easier. Great service, quality translation, excellent rates, and good attitude.”

Mr. Kornew – UK based Multinational Firm

“Everything was perfect. I never saw our in-house Chinese editor so happy with the work. Well done! I am really pleased! Keep it up!”

Ms. Robyn – U.S. based Multinational Firm

“Quality work, great communication!”

Ms. Ingrid – U.S. based Multinational Firm

“We have repeatedly called on Emma for urgent jobs for important clients. Emma works very diligently and is absolutely reliable.”